Anne as Radio Host

Anne Miner as Host of Encouraging Leadership

"It is always tremendous to be able to speak with Anne Miner and hear the magnificent words of wisdom that she shares on Encouraging Leadership! Happy to share my views on visibility and connections to mobilize today’s women leaders.  I believe what Anne Miner is doing is a necessary part for women to move forward and become strong leaders! Thank you Anne for all that you are doing. "


Melinda Cooper, Living the Dream Magazine

"Anne Miner has a devotion for advancing women, Anne stands firmly on advocating for and encouraging women to support each other in all endeavours. It is a pleasure to share in conversation with someone as skilled and accomplished as she is.  A true professional who is shining the light on the need to highlight women as leaders. Thank you and congratulations on creating (Encouraging Leadership) Anne."

Jennifer Jimbere, President of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting

"Anne Miner truly is an exceptional woman leader. She has a huge heart and wants the best for all women. I have incredible respect for Anne and she is someone I really look up to as a woman leader and I'm honoured when she asks me to be on her show to share my message as a speaker/author. Congrats on your awesome show, I love what you do!"  

Kelly Falardeau, Entrepreneur, Author and Burn Survivor

"Anne Miner is a true professional, exceptional leader, entrepreneur and visionary.  It was a great pleasure to share my journey with her and her audience as I step into my brilliant future as entrepreneur, author and coach.  
Anne is on a mission to highlight other women through Encouraging Leadership: Conversations to mobilize today’s women leaders.  Congratulations on your success Anne!" 

Teresa Syms, Entrepreneur, Author, Coach