Anne Miner's Bio

Anne Miner is the founder and President of The Dunvegan Group Ltd., customer care and retention specialists who help companies grow by keeping and growing ideal customers. In operation since 1987, Anne’s company has developed a recognized expertise in the area of customer satisfaction measurement customer retention and customer relationship management.

Anne is an entrepreneur, a visionary leader and an acknowledged expert in the field of customer and employee retention. She holds a BA and an MBA from the University of Guelph and she was among the first researchers in Canada to be awarded the prestigious designation of "Certified Marketing Research Professional" by the Professional Marketing Research Society (now the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association). In 2008, Anne Miner authored “Measuring Up! A Guide to Success with Customer Satisfaction”, a book reflecting on over 20 years of her dedication to customer satisfaction and measurement. In December of 2012 Anne authored and released for publication, a second book "The Bottom Line On Customer Retention; It Pays To Care!". Her latest book, "Soar2Success with Customer Care" provides more than 50 tips for giving customers a memorable experience that will keep them coming back!

In addition to working with a portfolio of clients, and managing the operations of The Dunvegan Group, Anne has contributed to the community at large through membership on various Boards including the International Women's Forum of Canada, YWCA, American Marketing Association (AMA), and Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA). She is a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, the American Society of Quality, eWomen Network, National Association of Professional Women, Oxford Women in Networking (OWIN) and the International Women’s Forum, Canada. Anne Miner is also an avid fund raiser dedicated to supporting organizations that support women in achieving their own unique personal potential.

Anne is a certified trainer of the Platinum Rule® and she has successfully integrated its philosophy and practices into her own organization to help build strong bonds with employees and clients alike. She offers individual training and coaching as well as group workshops on how to utilize the Platinum Rule® to build strong competitor resistant relationships with customers and employees.

Anne is also co-author of “Succeeding in Spite of Everything” released June 2012, a collection of inspirational stories including tips that demonstrate the power to overcome adversity and keep growing!

Anne Miner, BA, MBA, CMRP
President & Founder
The Dunvegan Group Ltd.
139 Light St
Woodstock ON N4S 6H2

private toll free # 1-888-281-3074

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